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The Three R’s in the Kitchen: RE-USE June 1, 2008

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There are many ways to re-use stuff in the kitchen. If you don’t know many, talk to your grandmother 🙂

One basic idea is to replace disposables with re-usables.

Paper towels: use cloths, rags (especially re-used worn out clothing like t-shirts), newspapers

Saran Wrap: use long-lived food storage boxes (Tupperware etc), and glass containers to store food, elasticized plastic “shower-cap” type lids to cover containers (they can be washed and reused multiple times), scraps of washed and reused poly bags if you need to lay plastic directly on top of a food to keep out air.

Aluminum foil: as above for food storage uses. Foil can be washed and re-used itself when you really must use it as in covering something in the oven (although consider using a lidded cooking container instead!)

Disposable plates, cups, flatware etc: obviously, use regular dishes and flatware instead and wash them.

More ideas? Add them in the comments!


One Response to “The Three R’s in the Kitchen: RE-USE”

  1. I have always used rags in place of paper towels and to me, I don’t get why anyone would pay money, when they can just cut up an old towel. An absorbant rag cleans and sanitizes better because it can be hot with soapy water and still thrown away once in awhile without remorse. The arguement about all that energy and hot water in the washing machine doesn’t fly with me. They take up so little space and you have to wash other stuff anyway. PS I use my serger to bind the edges so they don’t leave strings in the dryer.

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